The PETIN - METON calendar

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                   The accuracy of the PETIN-METON Calendar    

                                     1. Common data

   Any calendars are characterized by misalignments of calendar solar and lunar cycles concerning natural cycles.

   The time interval between the settlement (natural) moment of a presence (finding) of a heavenly body centre (the Sun or the Moon) on Greenwich meridian of the observer in 12.00 (midday) and the actual moment of arrival of the heavenly body centre in the given point refers to as a misalignment.


   The value of the misalignment (accuracy of a calendar) allows to compare calendars. The calendar with minimum range of misalignments during the long period of time is considered the best in the given parameter.   


    For compensation of misalignments  in the PETIN-METON  calendar are used the n leap cycles distinguished from the Meton simple cycles on size   -1 day.


   The tn  cycle duration accepted in calculations is equal to:


              - a solar cycle: 

                        - natural (main) - 365,242195 x 19 = 6939,6017 days;

                        - calendar Meton simple - 6940 days;

                        - calendar Meton leap - 6939 days.

             - a lunar cycle:

                        - natural (main) - 29,5305885 x 235 = 6939,6883 days;

                        - calendar Meton simple - 6940 days;

                        - calendar Meton leap -     6939 days.


   The value of misalignments  between calendar Meton simple and natural cycles is accordingly equal to: for:

            - a solar cycle:     -0,3983 day;

            - a lunar cycle:     -0,3117 day.


   In the PETIN-METON calendar the methods of compensation of the calendar solar cycles drift are similar to the  compensation methods used in the Gregorian  solar calendar. Further only methods of compensation of calendar lunar cycles drift are considered.


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